Golf and anime wrapped into a single game


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PANGYA Mobile is a 3D golf game with an anime style where you have to use special techniques and golf clubs to hit the ball into the hole in the least number of swings possible. Really, it's exactly what you'd expect from a game that combines golf and anime.

Gameplay is relatively simple. First of all you have to adjust the direction of your swing by sliding your finger on the screen to aim at your objective. Then you need to touch the screen once in order to start your swing, then time your second tap perfectly to send the ball flying.

Between rounds of golf you can also customize your character. Each golfer has a series of attributes that you can improve as you continue through the game, and you can equip new clothes like shoes, skirts, shirts, sweaters, hats, etc.

At the beginning of the game you 'only' have three characters to choose from, but you can unlock many more. There are dozens of unique characters, both male and female, that you can add to the cast and customize as you see fit.

As for game modes, PANGYA Mobile has all of its bases covered. There is a single player story mode, as well as the option to face off against other players online. PvP is one of the game's strong points, and you can compete against your friends to get exclusive rewards.

PANGYA Mobile is a great golf game with excellent graphics and controls that are perfectly adapted to touch screen devices. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you need a LINE account in order to play: it isn't enough to simply have the app installed.
By Nelson

Requires Android 4.1 or higher